1780: Year of Revenge

1780: Year of Revenge
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Revolutionary Pennsylvania Series

1779 was the fifth year of the American Revolution, and many Iroquois Indians living in western New York sided with the British. Their war parties repeatedly raided frontier settlements in Pennsylvania and New York. To punish them, General George Washington sent an army led by General John Sullivan to invade the Iroquois homeland. Sullivan burned their villages and destroyed their farms, and Washington believed the Iroquois had been forced out of the war. But Washington had miscalculated: Sullivan had only kicked a hornet’s nest.

For the Iroquois, 1780 became a year for revenge. As winter ended, their warriors didn’t wait for the snow to melt before they sharpened their tomahawks, donned their snowshoes and headed for Pennsylvania. The first attacks caught settlers making sugar in their maple groves and rebuilding farms damaged by previous raids. The warriors terrorized the entire frontier. Across Pennsylvania, militia officers scrambled to protect their settlements. As William Maclay of Sunbury, Pa., implored Governor Joseph Reed, “… Help us if you can.”

Author John L. Moore draws on first-person accounts, letters and depositions to bring these events to life. In researching the topic, he visited many of the sites of forts and skirmishes described in the book.

1780: Year of Revenge is a sequel to his 2018 book, Scorched Earth: General Sullivan and the Senecas. It is also the third volume in his ongoing Revolutionary Pennsylvania Series.


John L. Moore of Northumberland is a writer and storyteller whose subjects deal with real people and actual events in Pennsylvania history.

1780: Year of Revenge is the third book in his Revolutionary Pennsylvania Series, which details the stories of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians caught up in the American Revolution.

The volume is the author’s 11th non-fiction book. It is a companion to Tories, Terror, and Tea, which came out in 2017, and a sequel to Scorched Earth: General Sullivan and the Senecas, which Sunbury Press, Inc., released in 2018.

Sunbury Press published the eight non-fiction books in Moore’s Frontier Pennsylvania Series in 2014.

Mr. Moore has participated in several archaeological excavations of Native American sites. These include the Village of Nain in Bethlehem, Pa.; the City Island project in Harrisburg, Pa., conducted by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; a Bloomsburg University dig in 1999 at a Native American site near Nescopeck, Pa.; and a 1963 excavation of the New Jersey State Museum along the Delaware River north of Worthington State Forest.

Mr. Moore’s 46-year newspaper career (1966-2012) included stints as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal; managing editor of The Sentinel at Lewistown, Pa.; editorial page editor, city editor and managing editor of The Daily Item in Sunbury, and editor of the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal in Bethlehem, Pa. He was also a Harrisburg correspondent for Ottaway Newspapers in the early 1970s.

A professional storyteller, Moore specializes in historically accurate stories about Pennsylvanians. Wearing 18th century-style clothing, he often appears in the persona of Susquehanna Jack.

For information about Mr. Moore’s storytelling programs and books, please contact:

John L. Moore 552 Queen Street Northumberland, Pa. 17857

Telephone (570) 473-9803 Email: tomahawks1756@gmail.com

by John L. Moore
cover art by Andrew Knez, Jr.
Trade paperback - 5 x 8 x .3
120 Pages w/illustrations and maps
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
HISTORY / United States / Revolutionary Period (1775-1800)
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