All Aboard for Murder

All Aboard for Murder
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"Well-engineered thriller, fast paced as a locomotive, sure to please railroad buffs and mystery fans. . ." -- The Publisher

Ordinary things disappear, a set of keys, vacation mementos or a favorite tie, not a massive 569,500-pound steam engine. But that's exactly what The Royal Blue, the B&O's premier passenger train, did while on its nightly run to Baltimore in 1941. Flash forward to the summer of 1992. A derelict steam engine, rusting away in an English rail yard, is slated for restoration. A scrape of a knife, a glint of brass and The Royal Blue has resurfaced... just in time to threaten the upcoming presidential campaign. The task of finding the remaining coaches falls to Agent Ken Matuszak. Dead passengers can't talk. Despite the passing of fifty years and behind the scene political maneuvering, Matuszak must unravel the mystery.His very survival depends on it.


Raymond T. Ray comes from a family steeped in railroad tradition. He grew up during the twilight of steam power listening to tales from his father, brother and uncle, all lifelong employees of the B&O Railroad. As such, railroads play a prominent role in many of his novels.Choosing the military over railroading he served two tours of duty in Germany. Upon discharge, he joined the Baltimore City Police Department and was assigned to the Southern District, an area that frequently appears in his writings. He retired after thirty-one years. Ray currently resides in Linthicum, a suburb of Baltimore, with his wife of 50 years. When not writing he can be found in the family garage, tinkering with his immaculately restored 1928 Ford Model A.

This volume is 270 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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