Baseball Memories

Baseball Memories
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A Collection of 101 Poems Celebrating Immortal Players, Classic Games, and Wacky Events of the National Pastime

Baseball Memories is a collection of 101 poems celebrating America’s national pastime--baseball. The focus is not one team, player, or event. Many outstanding players and their achievements are recalled, for example: Joe DiMaggio’s 56- game hitting streak, Ted Williams .406 batting title in 1941, and the magical pitching of Orel Hershiser, just to mention a few. Some of the wild and zany events Major League Baseball would love to forget are highlighted, including the night in Cleveland when the club ran a promotion selling 12 ounces of beer at the ridiculously low price of 10 cents or at Dodger Stadium when someone had the bright but eventual disastrous idea to hold Ball Night. And then there are the classic games that are simply fun to recall and relive: in 1993 when the Toronto Blue Jays won their second consecutive World Series in dramatic fashion or the more recent 2016 World Series when every baseball fan was watching two teams, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, both having failed to win a Fall Classic in many, many years. The last World Series championship for Chicago was 1908 and for the Indians 1948.

For those of you too young to remember or perhaps have forgotten there is a poem entitled, “The Craziest Trade Ever.” It is totally true and quite bizarre. This is only a small taste of what Baseball Memories is all about. These 101 poems will delight, inform, entertain, and may even bring tears. And it will make Brooklyn Dodger fans angry.


Ronald A. Mayer is the author of a number of baseball books: The 1937 Newark Bears: A Baseball Legend; Perfect! 14 Pitchers of Perfect Games; Christy Mathewson: A Game-by-Game Profile of a Legendary Pitcher; The 1923 New York Yankees; The New Jersey Book of Lists (with Gerald Tomlinson); and The 1932 New York Yankees: The Story of a Legendary Team, A Remarkable Season and a Wild World Series.

Ronald inherited his love and passion for the game from his dad who in later years would intrigue him with stories about Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Earle Combs, and Bill Dickey. As many boys do, he played the game as a youth and through his college days at Montclair State University. He gave up the dream of playing major league baseball, like so many others, when pitchers began throwing that dastardly curveball. The same curve scientists once claimed was an optical illusion. A die-hard New York Yankees fan through the good and not-so-good years, he is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and a life-long resident of New Jersey. He currently resides in East Hanover with his wife Arlene.

by Ronald A. Mayer
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