Beagle Tales 1

Beagle Tales 1
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"Witty wisdom gleaned from many early mornings with gun in hand, dogs at his side, quietly and contemplatively awaiting his quarry..." The Publisher This book appeals to the following readers: HUNTERS - Bob is an avid hunter, especially rabbit hunting. Many of the tales in this book are about hunting or the results of it. DOG ENTHUSIASTS - Bob's hunting hounds live in the house, and many of the stories are about hunting companions that are also pets. THE FAITH COMMUNITY - While Bob's stories are not "preachy," some are inspirational in nature. Primarily, these stories revolve around the holidays and beagles, reminiscing about hunting companions who have passed away, and fleeting references to his profession. Much of the humor comes from this faith influence and provides an undercurrent that serves to unify the various stories. Bob's short stories provide a lot of information on rabbit hunting and training beagles while doing so in a way that is entertaining. Bob Ford has lived all but three years of his life in the hills of Pennsylvania. The three exilic years were spent attending seminary at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio where he lamented the lack of topography that characterizes the central portion of the Buckeye state. He purchased his first beagle for $75 in 1985 with money earned delivering the Erie Sunday Times. This first beagle committed Ford to the company of hounds and has resulted in a life that has gone to the dogs. Bob has hunted rabbits and hare throughout the country, ranging from Northern Alabama to the Quebec border, and he is always looking for new places to hunt and new species of rabbits and hare for his hounds to pursue. He is an ordained pastor in the Susquehanna Conference of The United Methodist Church and currently resides in Clearfield County, PA. Ford believes that American-made, double barrel,16 gauge shotguns from the previous century are the best firearms available to the small game hunter and that few things compare to the sound of a pack of beagles chasing rabbits on morning dew in a foggy valley. He writes a monthly column that can be found in Better Beagling magazine. You can find more at

by Bob Ford
Trade paperback - 5.5 x 8.5 x .6
170 Pages
PETS / Dogs / Breeds
HUMOR / Topic / Animals 

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