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Carol Schultz Vento is a former college professor and attorney. She received her doctorate in Political Science from Temple University and her law degree from Rutgers University. Her career has included teaching political science, public administration and pre-law courses at Pennsylvania and New Jersey colleges. She has also held faculty and administrative positions at The Philadelphia Center, one of the nation’s oldest off campus experiential education college programs. As a lawyer, Carol was a sole practitioner and a legal writer for West. Active politically, she has worked on campaigns and served on township boards. She is also a certified hatha yoga teacher.

Carol is a native of Philadelphia, PA and now lives in Palmyra, New Jersey with her husband. They have an adult daughter. She is the eldest daughter of World War II paratrooper, Arthur ‘Dutch’ Schultz and also the stepdaughter of a World II Navy veteran, Lee Bondy, who served as a radar technician on a cruiser in the Pacific.


The Hidden Legacy of World War II
The Hidden Legacy of World War II

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