City Havoc

City Havoc
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City Havoc is a fast-moving, day-to-day novel about a small group of domestic for-hire mercenaries, retained by foreign terrorists, who pose as a new political group with an ostensibly patriotic, reform-minded purpose. They set out to destabilize Los Angeles as the first city in a national campaign. The mayor is given an ultimatum to submit to their demands but he refuses. Increasingly violent and lethal methods such as bombings and executions are used by the HAP - Help America Patriots - to bring the city to its knees. Meanwhile, a young heiress on a tour in Los Angeles is kidnapped and made to seem a murderess who has converted to the HAP cause. The tour company sends, Derry Greene, its chief investigator to Los Angeles to save the heiress if possible and reduce its liability. Greene enlists the aid of an old flame, a local freelance journalist, but both are stymied in their efforts by the authorities who believe the heiress has joined the terrorists. Can the authorities and Greene finally derail the HAP before more people die? And can they save the heiress? In a dramatic conclusion, the HAP and Greene meet in a deadly encounter that brings the novel to a shattering end.

This volume is 212 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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