Consider the Lilies How They Grow (1937)

Consider the Lilies How They Grow (1937)
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An Interpretation of the Symbolism of Pennsylvania German Art by John Joseph Stoudt


Part One: The Thesis

  1. Proem: Pennsylvania German art is religious art rooted in mystical traditions

  2. Orientation: Religion and art

  3. Psychological Approach: Dr. C. G. Jung

  4. Exposition of the realized experience of the lily image: examples in art

Part Two: The Time of the Lily

  1. The Franciscan Reformation and the Dream of the Lily in Its Time

  2. The Protestant Counter-Reformation

  3. Erotic Mysticism and the Virgin Sophia

Part Three

  1. New Land and the Ephrata Experiment

  2. Ramblings and Conclusions

Part Four: Appendices and Notes

  1. Appendices

    A. Note on Bibliography and First American Edition of Jacob Boehme

    B. Ephrata Hymnology

    C. Images in Schwenkfeld Hymnology

    D. Hymn from Saur's 1752 Ausbund

    E. Ich Weiss Ein Blumlein Hubsch und Fein

    F. John Kelpius Hymns and Diary

    G. Geistliches Blumen-Gartlein

    H. Use of Allegory and Imagery in Johann Arndt's Wahres Christenblum

    I. Selected Medieval Hymns

  2. Notes

Part Five: Illustrations of Pennsylvania German Designs from Taufscheins to Tombstones and Barns to Buttermolds

This book is used and over 80 years old. This edition is the first printing from 1937 and does not have a dust jacket. We will always ship the best copy in stock, first come, first served.

by John Joseph Stoudt
Hardcover - 6.5 x 9.5 x 1
333 Pages w/drawings and photographs
ART / History / Medieval
ART / European
MUSIC / Ethnic
MUSIC / Genres & Styles / Folk & Traditional
HISTORY / Europe / Germany
HISTORY / United States / State & Local / Middle Atlantic
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