Contemporary Photo Impressionists:

Contemporary Photo Impressionists:
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Contemporary Photo Impressionists: Blackwood - Bridges - Carson - Chait - Moore - Plaisted - Poloniak - von Knorr

Most people who enjoy fine art are well aware of the Impressionist painters - Monet, Renoir, Manet, Pisarro, etc. Their work was noted for its emphasis on light and
composition, utilizing reduced focus and/or pronounced brush strokes to achieve  a blurring effect or slight disintegration of the image. In a sense, the image looks somewhat unfinished, incomplete, or out of focus.

Since the advent of cameras, photographers have achieved similar results using elements in the environment, technical capabilities of cameras, lenses and filters, process
embellishment, and more recently, digital embellishment using computer software.

This book has collected the work of eight leading photo impressionists, currently working in this genre.

This volume is 92 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding with full color images. 8 by 10

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