Dark Arts 2011: Dark Surrealists Fine Art Competition

Dark Arts 2011: Dark Surrealists Fine Art Competition
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Catalog of the 2011 Dark Surrealsists Fine Art Competition

sponsored by West Shore Gallery and Sunbury Press and jurored by Nunzio Barbera. There were 150 entries from 47 artists in no less than 4 countries. This book contains only those entries who were juried into the book and exhibition - 100 entries in all. The exhibition is scheduled for September through October, 2011 at West Shore Gallery in Wormleysburg, PA.

Surrealist art works are the by product of the subconscious mind, often presenting familiar objects in odd forms, positions or settings. If surrealism is experienced in dreams, then dark surrealism is the nightmare experience-illustrating the unimaginable, horrible or disturbing. Entries for the Dark Surrealism contest were divided into four categories: Paintings, Drawings, Mixed Media/Collage and Digital. Finalists were selected in each category for inclusion in this book and the exhibition. Category winners were selected, along with an overall winner, whose work was
determined to be most attractive for the book cover.

This catalog presents the work of the finalists who wished to be in the book. The work is arranged in no particular order. Unless otherwise noted, all of the work is for sale. Prices have not been included in the catalog, but can be found on the information card accompanying each piece in the exhibition. At the time of publication, it was not yet determined which artists would be able to participate in the exhibition, though all finalists were invited. The following artists are included in this book:

Patricia Anders, Or Andromedae, Christine Ashton, Nunzio Barbera, Geff Bartrand, Lothar Bauer, Adam Bloom, Deborah Blount, Selene dePackh, Douglas E Egolf, Don Farrell, Donnie Green, Jeremy Guffey, Max Iver, Aunia Kahn, Sean Madden, Black Mass, Richard Meyer, Kat Monroe, Alecia Nye, Tatomir Pitariu, Alicia Rockafellow, Jason Rowland, Frank Russo, Martina Secondo Russo, Mary J Sheridan, Spiritcage, Emily Steigerwald,
Gareth Swift, Chris Tianto, Ian Ward, and Adam Zucker.

This volume is estimated at 108 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding with color photos. 8 by 10

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