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State Changers -- Book 2

Even a ferocious shapeshifter, with magical Fae powers, can struggle to hold onto loved ones, especially with a murderous traitor in their midst.

Casidhe fought tooth and nail for her place in the world. Now, she has a new family and has found the love of her life. With their birthday around the corner, she’s excited to finally meet her twin brother, Cian. Life is good, right? Wrong!

Evil forces strike hard, killing her friends, and stretching the pack’s bonds to the limit. As they frantically search to find the ringleader, the pack discovers signs of a traitor among them.

All the while, Saoirse, the ancient and venerable White Wolf, leader of all State Changers, and Casidhe’s great grandmother, insists she train from a mysterious book and learn the ways of the Fae in secret.

Will Casidhe’s new powers be enough to hold on to those she has worked so hard to find? Or will her worst nightmares come true, as she helplessly watches those she holds most dear, killed one-by-one?

Lesbian fantasy thriller, FAE delivers a one-two punch of adventure and romance with break-neck speed.


Chris Fenwick is a storyteller, writer, editor, marketer, and former eCommerce professional. Her first novel, “the 100th human,” was published in 2006. She lives on a farm in rural Pennsylvania with her family. www.chris-fenwick.com

by Chris Fenwick
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
256 Pages
Fiction / Fantasy / Urban
Fiction / LGBT / Lesbian
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Fiction / Fantasy/ Romantic
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