Franchisement: The Alan Gibb Story

Franchisement: The Alan Gibb Story
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How to Make It Yours   

Humankind has spent centuries searching for ways to resolve its existential malaise and sense of futility. We have rushed to one organized corpus of thought after another—from philosophy to numerology to astrology and beyond—in our vain search to find joy. And yet, we continue to grasp for that “team feeling” about life; we continue to feel disenfranchised.

Until now.

When Dr. Alan Gibb passes a young boy on the street wearing a pair of Mets shorts, a Red Sox t-shirt, and a Yankees cap, the theory of human relationships called “Franchisement” is born. Franchisement: The Alan Gibb Story is the revolutionary story and guidebook to humankind’s most inclusive corpus of thought. It is your outlet to finally discovering the truths of one influential man’s race toward maximizing the possibility and profitability of human interconnection.

As Gibb likes to say, "If you listen to people, the world is divided between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Tell that to those with a crush on the Minnesota Twins." This satirical novel will have you laughing out loud, scratching your head, and as long as Gibb has something to say about it, buying the answer to your true identity.


"Granted there are many similar books too numerous to count, but this book is sui generis." --- Benjamin Acocella, S.J., President of the Council for Mental Observances.

"This book changed my life when it most needed changing." --- Sidney Willinger, Leisure Sciences Department, University of Indiana.

"Sometimes love is a 13-letter word." --- Jennifer Pryor, Harvard School of Theoretical Business.

"Gibb demonstrates how life is more than steak knives and storm windows." --- Joel Sternheim, Informercials Institute.


Donald Dewey has published more than 40 books of fiction and non-fiction, as well as scores of articles and stories for magazines. His non-fiction work includes baseball encyclopedias and histories (Total Ball Clubs, The Biographical History of Baseball, The Tenth Man), biographies (Marcello Mastroianni, James Stewart, Lee J. Cobb, Hal Chase, Ray Arcel), a history of American political cartoons (The Art of Ill Will), and a collection of essays on the mass media around the world (Mosquitoes and Tortoises). He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Nelson Algren Prize. 

by Donald Dewey
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .7
150 Pages
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