French Quarters

French Quarters
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In 1884, Gilded-Age New Orleans, Chief of Detectives Dawson Shaughnessy, still recovering from the recent murder of his fiancée, investigates a string of bizarre and brutal homicides through the highest levels of robber-baron corruption, presidential politics, and American law enforcement's first encounter with an entity they know only as la Mafia. 

But time is running out for Dawson and his brother Michael. After staggering forth from the ruins of the Civil War and recent elections putting her under the thumb of the corrupt political machine known as the Ring, the fate of “this red-dressed bitch” New Orleans hangs on the success of the party she’s throwing for the entire world. Her Centennial Exposition is coming, the world is arriving, even as unknown killers stalk her streets. Until, as the clock ticks down, and the brothers descend deeper into their quagmire—a mysterious railroad, with ties to the murders, being built through nearby swamps known as Satan’s Necklace; a beautiful young Sicilian princess, fleeing the same murderous brigands that took her family and childhood home from her, and now pursue her; and a most unusual man, already cloaked in wealth and power, but who wants far more, who talks with kings, and who just may have figured out how he might one day rule the world—time has run out. 

The ALIENIST meets the Sicilian GODFATHER, in the city that care forgot.” 

About the Author:

James Snyder was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived in many parts of the United States, before settling with his family in Napa Valley. Among a variety of careers and occupations, he was a soldier with a tactical mobile operations unit in Germany, as well as an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

He has published short stories in the Houghton Mifflin Black Mask anthologies, the Ginosko Literary Journal, and was a finalist in the New Letters’ Alexander Patterson Cappon Prize for Fiction. He is the author of the military thriller AMERICAN WARRIOR, the suspense thriller DESOLATION RUN, the literary coming-of-age THE BEAUTIFUL-UGLY, and the short story collection TALES OF THE LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY

He occasionally blogs at and currently lives in Texas where he writes fulltime.

by James Snyder
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
390 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical
FICTION / Thrillers / Historical
FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological
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