Give In to Win

Give In to Win
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Life-Changing Strategies for Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors 

Have you ever embraced a never-surrender mentality only to fail in achieving your desired goal? What if single-minded, unwavering persistence and determination are not the answers but actually can be obstacles to fulfilling your objectives? Give In To Win is an innovative and groundbreaking book by award-winning author Dr. Daniel Agatino. The profound and life-changing advice found in these pages provides a remarkable roadmap for overcoming barriers, unleashing your creative potential, and achieving your goals. This motivational text is rooted in timeless principles that help readers to reframe their own unique problems in an effort to create new and unforeseen resolutions. Unlike countless other self-help/motivational books that have flooded the market, Give In To Win offers a unique set of tools to help you to learn that giving up is not always a threat to your ego but that giving in and surrendering can release you from the hindrances that burden your life.

By comingling real-world examples with cutting-edge scholarship and humor, Dr. Agatino offers readers the necessary skills to adopt new and fresh perspectives for dealing with life’s challenges. Grounded in academic research and timeless character-based ideals, this book is equally useful in developing healthy personal and professional relationships. Open yourself to a new world of possibilities. Learn comprehensive, proven methods for developing self-awareness and valuable problem-solving skills. This forward-thinking approach will help you to give up on unhealthy and unproductive thoughts and behaviors. Expand your way of thinking and open yourself to undreamed-of opportunities.


DANIEL AGATINO is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and practicing attorney. He is a popular speaker who has lectured throughout the United States and abroad and has appeared on hundreds of television, radio, and social media programs. Dr. Agatino’s unique mix of humor and intellect has inspired thousands throughout his career. When not in the studio, the courtroom, or the classroom, Daniel enjoys time with his wife and their twin sons.

by Daniel Agatino
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
150 Pages
SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General
SELF-HELP / General
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