Heart-Sparking Performance

Heart-Sparking Performance
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It's About Consciousness (and It's About Time)

Olympic Gold medalist, world traveler, spiritual warrior and youth sports coach, author Jon Root presents a must have ‘map’ discussing, weaving all circles of consciousness, the physical truths and metaphysical tenets involved in performance, success, and change. The most comprehensive guide to looking at our performances in the world: work, education, vocation, family, friends, passions and commitments. Young adult training for something bigger or an aspiring adult envisioning the next move, higher up the mountain, 30 years experience across Life, Sports and Spirituality, Heart-Sparking Performance speaks to the wave of attention placed on mindfulness, consciousness, health, wealth and well-being. A must read for those wanting to take their life game to a higher level. Don’t overthink it. Heart-spark it.


Jon’s evolved relationship to performance and change emerges in his perspective encouraging a more conscious connection to all that we undertake and co-create. Life, The Spiritual Sport, is a relationship metaphor which emphasizes blending all things physical with all things metaphysical to create, and relate, from the Heart. Weaving decades of personal experience, spiritual teachings, successes and failures, themes of ‘conscious creation,’ ‘sacred separation,’ ‘intentional force’ help to inspire and motivate meaningful change and action, ‘in your circle, for all circles’.

Marticulating from Stanford with dual degrees, he is a volleyball Hall of Fame inductee. Upon graduation, he bypassed the Wall Street investment banking craze to make the best of an opportunity to represent the US at the Olympics. The U.S National Men’s volleyball team, after winning Gold in LA ‘84, went on to post a remarkable 197-31 record over a 4-year period, winning the sport’s Triple Crown in the process (consecutive champions, 1985 World Cup, 1986 World Championships, 1988 Olympic Games.

A native of West Los Angeles, Jon is a writer, producer with a number of published works. He is still teaching, preaching and screeching his truths and tenets as a U18 club volleyball coach for boys and girls in the Bay Area. Jon’s daughter, Ayden, is a standout club volleyball player who lives and trains in Southern California. Activities and loves include all things nature, animals, the mystical and the magical.

by Jon Root
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
160 Pages
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth
SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational
SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success
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