Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
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Hell's Kitchen Flea Market: Images from New York's Famous Outdoor Market.

Since the 1970's, a flea market has existed in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, at West 39th Street. It is home to oddities and curiosities from around the world, brought to this place by the myriad of New Yorkers and visitors who have come and gone from literally everywhere. Over the years, many celebrities have walked the market to pass the time and to find unusual keepsakes to add to their unique finds. While no celebrities were spotted on our recent visit (October, 2010), the variety and strangeness of the place was certainly up to expectations!

Included are photographs and digital enhancements of items and scenes from New York City's flea market at Hell's Kitchen. While most of the images retain their original or embellished colors, old fashioned black and white photography was also used to highlight the contrast in light, texture and form where advantageous.

This book presents the photography of Tammi Knorr and the photography and digital fine art of Lawrence von Knorr. Tammi Knorr is known for her unusual compositions of 'everyday things', discovering odd angles and details in her surroundings. She is an accomplished wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. This is Tammi's second book.

Lawrence von Knorr is a pioneer in Photo Impressionism - using computer software to turn his photographs into painterly creations. Lawrence's award-winning work has been shown in major cities across the country.

All of the images are available in limited edition prints for purchase at Sunbury Press Books contact us for more information 

Format - softcover - perfect binding.
50 pgs. 8 x 10 with  photographs

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