Home Is Where the RV Is

Home Is Where the RV Is
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Will two more years of RV travel turn a reluctant RV wife into a minimalistic nomad at last?

In this follow-up to her award-winning memoir The Reluctant RV Wife, Gerri Almand hits the road with her excited husband once again. After arguing about whether to live in the RV full-time for two years, they return to the open road to find their answers.

The couple encounters more than a few hiccups during their quest, including unexpected challenges, bizarre situations, unusual people, and a whole lot more. Home Is Where the RV Is provides readers with day-to-day life and hilarity that might just send experienced RVers  into gales of laughter while providing non-RVers with an entertaining glimpse into the growing U.S. obsession with RV living.

This true story reveals one woman’s struggle with retirement, aging, and an ever-changing world. While not an easy battle, Gerri’s search for the courage to change will inspire readers to follow their own dreams, whether it involves RVing or some other lifestyle change.  

What Others Are Saying (about The Reluctant RV Wife):

When his RV dream rear-ends her perfectly mapped-out retirement, navigating through their travails and travels - in life and on the road - spins a romantic and humorous adventure. - Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road 

About the Author:

Gerri Almand started writing after a 40-year career in social work. She found a new voice when her excited husband sweet-talked her into RV travel, which resulted in her award-winning, debut memoir The Reluctant RV Wife. Now back for book two, Almand is ready to embrace a life of nomadism and minimalism for the perks of being on the road. Her shorter works have appeared in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Sun, Wanderlust: A Literary Map, Kaleidoscope, Odet, The Florida Writer, Orchids, and other publications. Learn more at GerriAlmand.com

by Gerri Almand
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
258 Pages
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