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State Changers -- Book 3

Surprisingly, being a shapeshifting wolf and magical Fae is no longer enough to save humanity.

Casidhe finds herself back where she started, alone. She can’t contact her pack or her mate, Dana, even to let them know she’s safe, for fear she’ll risk their lives.

Cian has won. The Fae portals are closed, the worlds are crumbling, and Saoirse can no longer help. Casidhe’s only hope lies in the mystical Book of State Changers, which she is unable to decipher.

Just when Casidhe’s sure there is no hope, a surprising ally enters her life, but she is unsure her new friends, the Druids, can be trusted.

Can Casidhe find a way to unlock the secrets of the Book? Will the Druids help her defeat Cian? How will Casidhe attain enough power to save the worlds, without Dana by her side?

Lesbian fantasy thriller, Human, wades through the challenges surrounding a mortal existence, but ultimately reveals the hidden powers buried within the human soul.


Chris Fenwick is a storyteller, writer, editor, marketer, and former eCommerce professional. Her first novel, “the 100th human,” was published in 2006. She lives on a farm in rural Pennsylvania with her family.

by Chris Fenwick
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
254 Pages
Fiction / Fantasy / Urban
Fiction / LGBT / Lesbian
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Fiction / Fantasy/ Romantic
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