Images of Italy

Images of Italy
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Images of Italy: Featuring the Digital Fine Art of Lawrence von Knorr

Lawrence von Knorr (1964- ) is a contemporary photo-based digital artist working and living near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His work has been seen in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, in addition to local galleries. In recent years, Lawrence twice visited Italy. The images contained in this book are compiled from both trips to Italy. They are organized into four categories: Views of Ancient Rome, Amalfi Coast, City Scenes and People. The works run the gamut from von Knorr's early experimentation with digital enhancement to more recent "polished" works. The styles range from the surreal to Impressionism. In 'Views of Ancient Rome', the majority of the images are from Pompeii, with a couple from Herculaneum. They range from early experimentation in color and contrast manipulation (see 'Burning Statue' and 'Fleeing the Flames') to more painterly methods (such as 'Forum near Colosseum' and 'Ruins of Pompeii'). The 'Amafli Coast' section contains mainly landscapes and townscapes of the villages along the steep coastline present there. The initial image ' Vietri Sul Mare' has been called 'von Knorr's best' by many viewers. It is a bright vision of this jewel of a town resembling an oil painting. 'Amalfi Sunset' is one of his better examples of color manipulation and Impressionism. 'Amalfi at Positano' resembles a Pisarro painting. 'City Scenes' begins with an early attempt at painterly manipulation 'Arno from the Ponte Vecchio' and the 'Cycle Alcove' image noticed in New York. 'Rome After Market' is a good example of color manipulation and Impressionism, resembling a Monet town scene. The 'People' section begins with the image that was first recognized by a local framing shop and gallery owner - 'Fedora and Carousel'. It also contains several 'night' images that capture the energy of of the artificial light and groups of people in the scenes. 'Gelato' and 'Sorrento Waiter' call to mind Edward Hopper, but with an Impressionist twist.

About the author: T. K. McCoy (1969- ), a native of Pennsylvania, is a photographer and fine artist specializing in pen and ink, pencil and pastel drawings. "T" recently retired from a 20 year career in information systems to focus on artistic pursuits and family. This is the first book by the author.

This volume is 100 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding with full color images. 8 by 10

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