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Ken Mercurio is a 63-yr-old father of two who continues to endurance-ride his bike despite his permanently stiff neck and near-death bike accident. He worked 31 years for Carnation and Nestlé Food Company as director of nutrition and food-product labeling, and continues to consult in these fields during retirement.

After living his entire life in the Los Angeles area, he is now enjoying a new environment in Monroe, Ohio. Ken graduated from University of California, Davis, home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, with a degree in nutrition science. His master’s degree is also in nutrition, from UCLA.

Head Over Wheels is Ken’s first book. He hopes his tale of recovery will inspire others to set goals to overcome what might seem like insurmountable hurdles in their lives. 

Head Over Wheels
Head Over Wheels

Author: Ken Mercurio