Life Extension: Current and Future Possibilities

Life Extension: Current and Future Possibilities
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Life Extension: Current and Future Possibilities

This book discusses life extension and aging. It covers diet and dietary supplements, caloric restriction, dietary recommendations, benefits of specific vitamins and minerals, recommended dietary supplements, and substances like resveratrol that may be beneficial but need more study before being recommended. A chapter discusses practical means of creating a healthful diet that can be followed, including some recipes and desirable foods and beverages. It goes into detail on the major diseases and problems that typically occur with age, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, pain, depression, stress, loss of fitness, osteoporosis, dementia, arthritis, vision problems, cosmetic changes, etc. Means of avoiding, minimizing the risk, or dealing with such problems are presented. It proposes means of maintaining a good quality of life as you age. Recommended monitoring of health is covered, and the book concludes with a summary of the most important points and a discussion of possible future developments and the ultimate limits to human life span. The book provides a large but not overwhelming number of specific references. Six appendices list useful data on foods and health not readily available elsewhere and an annotated listing of further resources. Specific citations to scientific studies are given to support all major conclusions.

This volume is 200 pages with charts and tables.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 8 x 10


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