Lost in the Cogan

Lost in the Cogan
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Three young boys, who call themselves the “cat marines,” discover something in the vast mountains, something that happened long ago. The excited boys were sure they had found the discovery of a lifetime. Unbeknownst to them, the secrets from the past were so horrific they were never to be exposed again.

Upon exploring their find evil awakens and turns on them. Now panicked and scared the boys were lost and running and hiding for their lives.

Hours pass and their parents are frantic. Members of the community are notified and a volunteer search of the area produces nothing. It is then time to contact the State Police. Day turns into night with still no sign of the boys. It appears as if they have vanished with no trace. Their parents prayed day and night hoping their prayers would soon be answered. 

As word spread out from different sources the news media picked up on it.  Suddenly it became a national story, “Three boys lost in the Cogan.” Suddenly news trucks with massive antennas were pulling into the small development and surrounding community.  Reporters were trying to get statements from anyone. The parents were grief-stricken and now they had to deal with people camped in their yard.

Several days passed with more searches and promises of finding them but to no avail. Authorities now believed a kidnapping had taken place and the FBI was notified.

Where can they be?  How can three young boys just disappear into the Cogan without a trace? Will they ever be found?


R. E.  Miller was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. After retiring he and his wife decided to move from the suburbs and now reside at the mouth of the Cogan. The thoughts for the story were inspired by these surroundings. Walking the trails, breathing that sweet cool air of summer and seeing magnificent views opened his imagination. Even as a youngster he enjoyed the mountains so it is only fitting that he would live his retirement years and meet his maker here in the Cogan.  

by R. E. Miller
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
100 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical
FICTION / Thrillers / Historical
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