Love Is the Seed

Love Is the Seed
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TEACHINGS FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD: One Woman. One Man. Over 150 Sessions with Souls and Wise Ones

Imagine an evening like any other, only on this evening your spouse says, “Tonight, after the kids go to bed, you will be sitting next to me while voices speak through me and you will take dictation of what they say.” In Fall 1981, Lisa Hromada’s father began to receive messages from loving souls, Wise Ones and guides, while her mother took word-for-word dictation. In Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World, Lisa Hromada shares a fascinating collection of conversations with Spirit that reconnect you to the love of God, provide a passage to discover your purpose and inspire you to relax in the knowing that you are infinitely guided.

Explore profound topics on love, thought, consciousness, the afterlife, death and reincarnation, God’s laws and the creation of the soul. These sessions with Spirit help you to better understand yourself as “soul,” reveal what you must learn in this life and guide you to a greater awareness of your connection to all creation.

Inspired by the first core teaching outlined in this book, Lisa Hromada wrote The Three Supreme Gifts: A Practical Approach to Self-Mastery and to Transforming Your Life Here and Now, which provides a clear path and an in depth understanding of three supreme truths each soul is forged with upon creation. If you yearn for answers, seek solace, crave greater meaning, and desire to reconnect with who you really are — a loving creation and extension of God — you are invited to “come sit with us.”


LISA HROMADA is a speaker of timeless spiritual teachings and shares a simple, yet profound message: You have all that you need to create the life of your choosing. She is the author of Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World and The Three Supreme Gifts: A Practical Approach to Self-Mastery and to Transforming Your Life Here and Now. Lisa brings a practical approach to understanding the truth of love and soul, and how to implement spiritual teachings in your life to create greater joy. She engages audiences with personal stories of connections with the spirit world and she explores core teachings outlined in her books. Website:

by Lisa Hromada
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
260 Pages
RELIGION / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Channeling & Mediumship
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spiritualism
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