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MARK CARLSON is an aviation historian and the author of two other books. 


Legally blind, he is the author of “Confessions of a Guide Dog – The Blonde Leading the Blind.” The book has won three national awards and been reviewed in several national magazines.

His second book “Flying on Film – A Century of Aviation in the Movies 1912 - 2012” won two awards and been reviewed in six national magazines.

A member of several aviation, maritime, historical and veteran organizations, Carlson has been a contributing writer for over a dozen national magazines. His articles run the gamut of topics of aviation, military history, classic film and television, humor and essays. He started by writing stories about his first Guide Dog, Musket and later, about his work at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. This led to more articles in major aviation and military history magazines and then to his books. An award-winning club president in Toastmasters International, he is a respected public speaker on historical topics. He is an ardent student of history and never passes up the opportunity to meet and interview veterans about their experiences. This trait is what led to this book. “History is my passion and vocation,” he says with sincerity. “I take my responsibilities as a writer of history very seriously.” Carlson freely gives much credit to his network of family, friends, and associates, all of whom have been ardent supporters of his work.

Although blind, he makes extensive use of advanced computer software to work and write. He travels and works with his second Guide Dog, Saffron, a female Yellow Labrador retriever. Never one to take it slow, he is always working on his next book and several other projects. He lives in San Marcos, California with his wife, Jane.

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