Mexico vs Trump

Mexico vs Trump
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Immigration, Drugs, Trade, and Corruption

Newspaper headlines and prime-time TV interviews lauded Enrique Peña Nieto after he won Mexico’s 2012 presidential election. Time Magazine front covered him as “The Savior of Mexico.” By the second year of his administration it had become obvious that the savior was a failure. Attempted cover ups failed to conceal an economy based on self-enrichment and the impoverishment of overly 40 percent of the population and the disappearance of forty-three young student protesters.

Peña Nieto’s wobbly status became even more fragile when he encountered U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. A Mexican journalist described their first personal encounter as “hard liquor vs. Koolaid” and added “hard liquor won.” By 2017 the savior of Mexico’s popularity had sunk beneath 20 percent and liberal candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador was on his way to becoming Mexico’s new president with the promise he would  alter the subservience that Mexico had shown to the Goliath of the north.


ROBERT JOE STOUT passed away July 19, 2019 in his home in Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico. He was a prize-winning journalist, novelist and poet who had written extensively about Mexico, human rights and baseball.

Mexico, baseball, politics, history, literature–distinct and disconnected topics? Not really. Mexico is a complex country with a rich culture, a turbulent history and a love of sports, all of which have contributed to literature about the country written in both Spanish and English. Robert evoked connections among these topics–and ruptures among them. The author of Kill the Teachers: Mexico’s Bloody Repression of Human Rights; Hidden Dangers, Mexico on the Brink of Disaster; Why Immigrants Come to America: Braceros, Indocumentados and the Migra; and The Blood of the Serpent: Mexican Lives plus the novels Where Gringos Don't Belong; Running Out the Hurt; and Miss Sally, he has published nonfiction widely in magazines, journals, and newspapers. His short fiction has appeared in literary and trade magazines and his poetry includes the books Monkey Screams; A Perfect Throw; and They Still Play Baseball the Old Way. 

Robert Joe Stout grew up amid coyotes, jack rabbits and muskrats in desolate eastern Wyoming, served in the Air Force and graduated from Mexico City College. As an Air Force enlisted man he received commendations as a bomb wing historian but never received a good conduct medal.  During his undergraduate days at Mexico City College he edited the award-winning The Collegian newspaper, received the gold key honoring the year’s outstanding graduating senior and lost numerous arm-wrestling contests in a bar called The Balalaika.

His journalistic career began as an editor with Western Publication in Austin, Texas, his literary career with a poem in The Beloit Poetry Journal and short stories in Four Quarters and The Georgia Review.

A nomadic writing and journalism career has taken him from California to Texas to Europe to Mexico, leaving a trail of hundreds of journalistic reports, short stories, poems and novels, Journalistic adventures were interrupted by a year in Europe, writing an unpublished novel in New Orleans, two marriages and the births of two sons and three daughters, six years as a business and government accountant, passionate participation in Rotisserie baseball leagues and community, fern bar and university appearances as an actor, director and gofer.  His books knit first-hand experiences with interviews, investigative reporting and a myriad of shortstops, ballet dancers, whistleblowers and thieves.

When Robert passed away before the final edit of this book, his spouse, MAUREEN RYAN, committed to seeing this most recent important book in print. It provides a valuable historical perspective on the evolving problems of migration, drug violence, organized crime and cartels, the escalating violence both in the US and Mexico, as well as the contemporary history and political dynamics between the US and Mexico. Maureen had edited several of Robert’s previous works and provided thee postscript to bring the book up to date through January 2020, Maureen, MA, MFT, worked as a marriage and family therapist before retiring and views most things from a systemic perspective.  

by Robert Joe Stout and Maureen Ryan
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
216 Pages
HISTORY / Latin America / Mexico
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Corruption & Misconduct
POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations / Trade & Tariffs
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