Modern Realism According to Fritz (hc)

Modern Realism According to Fritz (hc)
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The Oil Paintings of Fritz VonderHeiden

No one has painted urban Harrisburg as often as Fritz VonderHeiden (b. 1934). His style, developed over many decades, calls to mind Edward Hopper, but in a reductionist, minimalist way. His best urban works feel sterile and monolithic, emphasizing the geometry of road, architecture and the natural world in a compelling composition of curves, color, and structure. They exemplify the energy of the 20th Century, harkening back with Art Deco elements.

Fritz did not always paint this way. His earlier works - and some of his award-winning paintings - are more detailed, calling to mind Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent. His range of subjects is also varied, from the urban settings mentioned to country landscapes, lighthouses, portraits, still lifes and even surreal imaginings.

This book contains images of 127 of Fritz’s paintings in all of his categories: Scenes of Harrisburg, Scenes of the Greater Harrisburg Area, Portraits, Groups, and Figures, Landscapes and Lighthouses, and Still Lifes and Wildlife. All help celebrate the long career of this prolific painter, capturing his mastery of 20th Century Modern Realism.

by Lawrence Knorr, art by Fritz VonderHeiden
Hardcover - cloth on boards - 8.5 x 11 x .5
64 Pages w/127 painting
ART / Individual Artists / Artists' Books
ART / History / Contemporary (1945-)
History / US History / Mid-Atlantic
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