Mosquitoes and Tortoises

Mosquitoes and Tortoises
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Flights and Crawls on the Fringes of the Mass Media

Anybody can star in a motion picture, write a Tony-Award-winning play, gain fame as a great jazz pianist, promote a Sudanese rock singer, supply the words for one of America’s greatest songwriters, and cause an international crisis among the United States, Soviet Union, and China. Well, ... maybe not anybody.


  • Mosquitoes and Tortoises -- How to become 15-feet tall without leaving your orchestra seat.
  • Blind Newsy Sees -- Running a newsstand can be show business, too.T
  • The Jazz Pianist and the Misanthrope -- Not every good boy does fine.
  • The New Jugglers -- Ed Sullivan, Arthur Godfrey, and prime time modesty.
  • On the Road to Big City Politics -- Jack Kerouac defeats Soviet tanks.
  • Skin Deeper -- Naked nights with Ingmar Bergman.
  • Balloon Man -- Sometimes short subjects aren’t short enough.
  • The Guy and the Doll -- Louie and Lorna put on a show.
  • The Missing Times Square -- When the New York hub wasn’t theater, porno houses, or Disneyland.
  • At Sea -- Crossing the Atlantic for new anonymity.
  • To Be and Not to Be -- Ben Webster, Roy Eldridge, Sudanese rockers, and other swingers in Denmark.
  • Bed and Board -- Waiting anxiously for Bette Davis.
  • Provocative Sources -- All the non-news that’s fit to print.
  • CIA—The Secret Story -- Exposing Italy’s foreign ties.
  • Agents, Double Agents, and Just Double-crossers -- Expect nothing and you may be lucky enough to get it.
  • Finding Direction -- When the play isn’t the thing.


Donald Dewey has written some 40 books of fiction and nonfiction, as well as contributed scores of stories to magazines and other periodicals. He has also had some 30 plays staged in Europe and the United States. Donald's awards include those named after Nelson Algren and the Actors Studio. Dewey is a widower with one son and lives in Jamaica, New York. At one point he lived in Europe for 14 years, writing screenplays and working for the Italian news agency ANSA. Dewey was editor of the ASME-award winning magazine Attenzione and was editorial director of the East-West Network, overseeing a dozen in-flight magazines and the PBS organ Dial. He has also been a theater critic for WNYC in New York and spends far too much time for his health watching the Mets.

by Donald Dewey
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .7
166 Pages
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