Murder at Henry's Fork

Murder at Henry's Fork
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Murder at Henry's Fork is a mystery novel set in a small town near Railroad Ranch, a famous Idaho nature preserve on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It is an intriguing story of blackmail and murder and a heartening story comradeship and growth.

Chris Donahue and his fifteen year old son, Justin move to Riverview to make a life fishing the Henrys Fork and building fly rods for a living. Justin meets Dodger Clancy the school bus and takes him home. A smart, thoughtful boy, Chris promises to teach him to fish and to build rods.

The Henry's Fork isn’t as peaceful as it seems. Sheriff Sam Barnstable is robbing cabins to supplement his income; Eric Carson, a store owner with grudge lawmen is poaching deer and selling drugs on the side; and Dutch, a colorful conman with a ditzy wife is looking to make a big score.

Guiding Anton Chalmers and his insurance investigator wife, Shirl, Justin is badly traumatized when Sheriff Sam’s body floats down the river into him. Anton and Shirl take up the investigation and soon narrow their suspects down to Dutch and Eric. When Dutch goes missing, they suspect blackmail and murder. Breaking into Eric’s walk-in freezer, they find Dutch’s body hanging from a meat hook and bags of drugs on the floor. Justin and Dodger are on a fishing trip with Eric. Fearing they’re are in for a similar fate, Chris, Anton, and Shirl embark on a desperate chase to save them.

About the Author:  

A native of Salt Lake City, Peter Gibbs graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in physics and a PhD in mechanical engineering. He worked for Hercules Aerospace designing solid propellant rocket motors. His passion is mountain climbing and exploring caves all over the world, and guiding white-water rafting. Peter fly fishes intensely, concentrating on Railroad Ranch and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River areas. Other writing includes Off Track in Colombia, which fictionalizes a real mountain climbing trip fraught with drug runners and dishonest government agents as well as the final chapter of Matt Leidecker’s book, Impassible Canyon. Peter is retired, now spending all his time fishing and writing. 

by Peter Gibbs
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
240 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective
FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
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