Night Noises - with Translations

Night Noises - with Translations
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A great resource for multi-lingual classrooms. In addition to English, the book includes the following translations:

· Spanish · French · Russian · Hebrew · Hindi · Chinese · Vietnamese · Polish · Arabic German

It was the author's intent to write a book that might help comfort children at night as their creative imaginations can often run away with them! It was also thought that by presenting children of different cultures and from different parts of the world, listening to similar sounds, an appreciation for diversity could be nurtured. Children should be able to identify with several nighttime sounds while building on their knowledge of nature and reality. The rhyming verse and figurative speech can help build language skills. The colorful and richly detailed illustrations depict many different emotions from delight and wonder, to feelings of anxiety, sleepiness and peace. The translations at the end provide not only a learning tool for English Language Learners, but a platform for others to identify these students as knowing and speaking two languages.

This volume is 62 pages with 36 full-color illustrations.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 8 x 10

Illustrator: Mary Ann Byrne-Walker

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