Rabid Philanderers, Inc.

Rabid Philanderers, Inc.
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Mark Ohlnick believes he is living the quintessential American dream: dog in the yard, cushy office job, a beautiful wife, and a great group of friends. Until Stan, Mark’s neighbor, makes him question just how happy his little bubble really is, not to mention the realization that his marriage may not be as perfect as he thought.

After a wild party at his friend Jeremy’s house, Mark is faced with deep temptation and the fear of getting caught. Telling himself that he really doesn’t want to hurt his wife and just needs a little excitement in his life, he takes Stan’s advice and hires Rabid Philanderers Inc., a high-tech surveillance company claiming to save marriages—by facilitating an affair. Little does he know that a whirlwind of trouble and grief is about to ensue. Mark must work hard to right his wrongs and undo the deadly mess that Vesta Rae Stubianski, the mysterious and beautiful woman who runs RPh Inc., has unleashed on Mark and his circle of friends before it’s too late.

A suspense thriller that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Rabid Philanderers, Inc. offers a raw twist on infidelity and the dangers of taking love for granted.


Nancy Williams is a 1990 graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa with a BA in English. Her first novel, Hawkmoon, was published by Loon In Balloon, Inc., a Canadian press, in 2009. They also purchased her second novel, Grace, in 2010 but never released it. Hawkmoon was a finalist for the 2010 Colorado Humanities Book Award. Grace won first prize in the Historical Fiction category at the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference Paul Gillette Writer's Contest.
"With Rabid Philanderers Inc., Nancy Williams has unleashed an utterly unique take on love, revenge, fidelity, and obsession. Williams starts with a compelling concept - a high-tech, clandestine adultery service, or "James Bond for cheaters" - and turns into an unpredictable, hilarious, and engrossing tale of of one man's struggle to retain his marriage and his sanity in the face of desire gone wild. Williams has a wicked wit; the writing is sharp and visceral, and her characters are imbued with humor and real-world charm. This is a book you won't want to put down, and a story you won't ever forget. Devilishly funny, sexy, twisted and twist-filled, Rabid Philanderers Inc. will keep you guessing until the very last page." -- Benjamin Lancaster

6 x 9 trade paperback

208 pages



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