Riding the Float

Riding the Float
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When Ben Carlisle falls in love with Karen and they get married, she works alongside him to help make his dream come true. He wants to expand his small dairy farm that he inherited from his father in the green hills of northern Pennsylvania. He plans to add more land to his property and someday soon to raise children on their farm in the beautiful countryside and teach them that peaceful rural lifestyle. Suddenly, through no fault of their own, they face the possibility they may lose everything. Journey with them as they must go up against powerful leaders in the community who have a sinister plan to make money and hide corruption. They battle with government regulations and become detectives to uncover what’s causing mysterious deaths on their farm. Doris Wilbur writes a captivating and eye-opening story full of nature, romance, humor, mystery and shocking current practices that affect us all. 

About the Author:

Doris Wilbur lives in rural New York and writes historical fiction infused with nature and the outdoors as characters face challenges in their lives and choices they must make to be successful. Doris spent much of her career as a commercial artist and award-winning watercolorist. She was a public-school art teacher but has always been a writer. She has worked for newspapers, advertising agencies, school systems, and her own graphic design business. She and her husband Jerry raised five children and have lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida. She has worked in Washington, DC; Orlando, and Syracuse, as well as enjoying the rural life. She graduated summa cum laude from Mansfield University where she studied creative writing, botany, and art education. She and her husband currently live at a private lake surrounded by the woods and nature she loves, where she continues to teach and write.

by Doris Wilbur
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
136 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective
FICTION / Romance
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