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A Collection of Prose, Poetry, & Photography

Stefan May's ROADMAN is a shamanistic, poetic love-journey through the Spirit in order for the author to achieve enlightenment of true Self. Intrepid in nature with its contemporary mixture of prose, poetry, literary philosophy and photography, ROADMAN attempts to bridge the voids between most of the arts with fluidity. In doing so, the reader travels alongside the author (Roadman or Shaman) and discovers that the presence of Self-lies in the past as well as the future.


Currently a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University, Stefan May graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in English and a Minor in Theology (1994). He attended—for only a short time—The University of Pittsburgh (1996–1997) for his Master’s Degree in the art of Poetry. In the Summer of 1997, the poet became a computer camp counselor at an affluent boys’ retreat in Bridgton, Maine, where he poetically contemplated his past and meditated unfailingly.

In 2000, May moved to Manhattan to pursue an aspiration—that of a successful published poet and writer. By 2002, after an unwelcome departure from New York City (due to the tragedy of 9/11), May returned to his hometown to resume a certification degree to teach English and Writing at York College of Pennsylvania. He continued with the refinement of his poetry and prose.

May’s first published works (under the pseudonym S.H. Masters) include a short story called "Excerpts From An Axe Murderer’s Journal" which was published in PSU’s off-campus magazine The Wafaring (1993). However, the poet’s first true poetic piece, "American Standard" (1994), was included, at short notice, in Yusuke Keida’s Beatnik Japanese magazine The Blue Jacket [now renamed The Blue Beat Jacket]. This publication would not have been possible without the personal suggestion of then PSU poetry Professor Morgan Gibson who authored several literary and Eastern theological works.

Other published works by S.H. May/ Masters include “A Little Piece of Time” (The Pipe Smoker’s Ephemeris; 1995); “The Theatre Room” (The Poetry Motel; 1995); “Listen” (Reflect, 1995); “On The Divinity of The Poet” (The Nearness of Day, published by The National Library of Congress; 1998); “American Standard” (First American publication debut in Dickinson College’s Experimental Forest Press; 2000), and “Chimney Sweeper” (The York Review; 2005).

by Stefan May
Trade Paperback - 5 x 8 x .3
116 Pages
POETRY / American / General
POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious


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