Seeking Samiel

When night falls on South Africa, the anti-Christ rises as the seductive Eva van Hollinsworth

The Devil was cast from heaven and landed on the African continent. --South African proverb

Jeffrey, a wanton English solicitor living in South Africa, teeters on the edge of total loss; he will do anything to reverse his fortunes. When Jeffrey attends a party to rub elbows with an influential client—Eva van Hollinsworth, he experiences sinister forces drawing him into her demonic lifestyle. Eva is politically connected, wealthy, and worldly; she is the anti-Christ, and resides in a living, breathing home. Immortalized through reincarnation, Eva is Lilith seeking Samiel—Satan—awaiting his final order while ripening the world for conquest. Eva’s sinister forces—her servants, guests, and even her house—seduce Jeffery, who unwittingly becomes a pawn in Eva’s final invasion.

This volume is 282 pages.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5


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