Soaring Minds Workbook and Journal

Empowering Lives. Healing Souls. 

Following a devastating revelation about the illusion of the marriage, life, along with crippling emotional and physical abuse for nearly three decades by the person Michelle Williard Hoffer trusted most in her life, Michelle was at her lowest point. Not realizing Michelle had given her power away to her husband, and needing the approval of those around her by constantly trying to please them, she struggled while being controlled her adult life. Control by her husband. Control by expectations of family, society, religion. Control by Michelle’s own thoughts and need to be perfect, funny, obedient, in addition to the need to have the conditional love that was an always present looming threat of being taken away was more than she could bear. The judgments of others, in combination with the negative self-worth Michelle felt and believed left Michelle swimming in what she describes as “the black hole.” She didn’t know how to ask for help. She didn’t value herself enough to ask for help. She didn’t want anyone to know her marriage behind closed-doors wasn’t the fun, funny, awesome life she had pretended and presented it to be.

Michelle was contemplating suicide yet again because she didn’t truly know how to make decisions relating to her survival or her future. She had been “set free” to live her life but didn’t know how or what to do. Signs of emotional abuse filled Michelle with derogatory words filling her mind of shame and worthlessness. She was ashamed, riddled with guilt, and self-hate. There were the obvious signs as of the physical abuse that Michelle always joked away as being klutzy. The bruises were always her own fault, never giving hints or implications that they were from her husband for fear of the illusion crumbling, Michelle was black and blue. She didn’t know who she was. She didn’t know how to ask for help. She was alone, scared, broke, and broken.

Wonderful people, Michelle calls angels on earth, began to show up in her life. These new friends came one by one with guidance on how to manage from point A to point B: baby steps. Michelle was given advice on how to heal. Being a former educator, Michelle preferred to see her work on paper so she could eventually see her progress to evaluate whether what she was doing was working or if it was a waste of time.

She looked online for a workbook to help her find herself. Michelle could not find what she wanted. She began creating worksheet pages for her own use. Days, weeks, months, went by and her sheets were helping her heal. She felt empowered. She felt as though she was soaring. She felt as though NOW she was finally and truly free from the pain.

It became Michelle’s mission to help others with her story and with her worksheets. Soaring Minds is a method to return you to your inner peace while reconnecting with your Higher Power at a deeper level through forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, love, the Law of Attraction, as well as goal setting and achievement. By appreciating where you are right now in your life, regardless of how dire you may feel, your journey to inner peace, happiness, and contentment begins with gratitude. You can fill your heart, which may seem deflated, with gratitude and thankfulness. Do this using Michelle’s system, and you will find yourself SOARing too.

You will find YOU again!

Soaring Minds: Empowering Lives. Healing Souls. 

by Michelle Williard Hoffer
Trade Paperback - 8.5 x 11 x .3
198 Pages
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / Domestic Partner Abuse
SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Self-Esteem
FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Divorce & Separation


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