Summer Squall

Summer Squall
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Beth Gardner knows what she wants. As she approaches her thirtieth birthday, her life has progressed like the to-do list stuck to her refrigerator. Fulfilling job? Check. Condo in a trendy Atlanta neighborhood? Check. Supportive friends and a cat to cuddle? Check and check. Safe distance from her childhood in Tennessee? Big check. But something is still missing.

When she meets the charming Mark Berger out dancing one night, it’s love at first tango. Adventurous and athletic, Mark encourages her to venture out of her carefully constructed life and begin a new life with him in southwest Florida. “Slow down,” her friends advise. “What’s the hurry?” her therapist asks. “Why not?” Beth responds. “Why not happiness for a change?”

But will open-water diving, night lobster hunts, and off-shore sailing offer smooth waters for the couple? Or will the dangers and secrets of the deep pull them under? Determined to make this relationship work, Beth is about to find out.

Full of adventure and reflection, Summer Squall explores how the correct course in life isn’t always straight line.

About the Author:

Sarah Jones is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has worked as an English teacher and a business writer before retiring to a lake community north of Atlanta, Georgia. Her memoir, Quicksand: A Cautionary Love Story, was published in 2011 and turned into a screen play. Summer Squall is her second book. Her book reviews and wine pairings can be found on her website

by Sarah Jones
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
240 Pages
FICTION / Southern
FICTION / Friendship
FICTION / Family Life / Marriage & Divorce
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