The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation

The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation
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A Memoir

John E. Wade II, author, investor, and millionaire, reveals in his memoir, The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation, his personal struggle with bipolar disorder and his experience being the focus of an all-encompassing and benevolent entity he calls the Operation. Wade takes the reader through his family experiences, political aspirations and beliefs, spiritual journey, relationship trials and errors, battle with mental illness, and how he feels he has been cured of the detrimental aspects of bipolar disorder. With the help of a unique and powerful network he calls the Operation, and through religious beliefs, personal perseverance, and the help of friends, family, and his mental health professionals, Wade lives an active, creative, and successful life. His memoir doesn't end with contentment at achieving a balance in his life, however. Instead, Wade expresses a determined vision for the future, aiming to assist humanity in finding lasting peace and prosperity through his writing, political, and spiritual endeavors, as well as through being the focus of the ever-pervasive Operation.  


"John is a treasured member of our Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) family, and we so appreciate his belief in the potential and wisdom inherent among people with lived experience of mood disorders.”

-- Allen Doederlein, President Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance




John E Wade II was born in Decatur, Alabama, grew up in Georgia and Mississippi, and has lived in New Orleans for many years. Early in his stint at the Air Force Academy, he was inflicted with a severe case of meningitis, leading to his first experience with bipolar disorder, and his subsequent honorable medical discharge. He subsequently enrolled at the University of Georgia, and received a BBA and MA. He worked in accounting for nearly thirty years in both the private and public sectors.


John began writing in 1998. His first book, Focus Investing, was purchased by John E. Wiley & Sons, but never published. His next work, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth, is a collection of essays from 101 individuals, including world leaders and Nobel and Pulitzer prize winners, about the ten elements of heaven on earth, as John conceived them. In 2012, John released Ronald Reagan's Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century, presenting some of Reagan's most insightful and articulate quotations. Glimpses of Heaven on Earth, released in 2014, received a 2014 Living Now Book Award. It is a compilation of quotations and insightful essays by five authors.


John is a world traveler, and passionate citizen of his adopted home town, New Orleans, where he enjoys the unique food, architecture, music, and Saints football games. He is also a fan of his alma mater, the Bulldogs of the University of Georgia, and Mississippi State University, where the Davis Wade Stadium was named after his father.  

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