The Book of Zane

The Book of Zane
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Because he’s grown up in mental hospitals, Zane Huston has honed a unique ability to communicate with his fellow-patients, enough to solve the mysteries that bind them and aid in their cures. But as easily as Zane can solve other patients’ problems, he’s helpless when it comes to solving his own (bibliophobia).  It’s not until he tries a new therapy, writing his story, The Book Of Zane, that memories start surfacing, and along with them questions: Why is he so afraid?  How did his mother die?  And just as he’s on the brink of understanding, Zane comes up against a dangerous ‘nutcase’ who plans to destroy the Tower.  Now Zane finds himself in a race against time to solve one more mystery before it destroys the asylum, the residents and all of the staff, including a man he suspects is his father and a girl that Zane loves.

5.5 x 8.5 x.5

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280 pages


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