The Crossers Book 2: The Circle

The Crossers Book 2: The Circle
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There are many roads leading to hell and the members of the inner-circle follow their unique paths to misery, oblivion, and hopelessness - before they begin their long and hard journey back to the light.

With the exception of one, they are all just ordinary people, like you and me, who face the same torments in life, as do all human beings.  The reader will have experienced many of the same life tragedies, as do these ordinary souls of the inner circle, and will feel their anguish as their paths draw them toward the darkness . . . and will think, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Only one story ends in happiness and self-satisfaction.  John basks in the glow of the world he has built. His insatiable, unfeeling greed, sets in motion an unstoppable juggernaut, paving his way to power, fame, and wealth by crushing countless, innocent souls beneath its path.  Readers will know this man.  He has, at one time or another, crossed the path of all our lives.

Book Two of the Crosser’s Series will be as a mirror to the readers – in which they will, somewhere, see themselves.  You will compelled, from time to time, to put down your book and simply ponder. 

By this epic journey’s end, you may very well emerge a different, stronger, and happier person than when the journey began.  You will never forget the people who walked by your side, nor the lessons you have learned along the twists and turns.

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