The Crossers Book 4: Path to Armageddon

The Crossers Book 4: Path to Armageddon
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As the journey makes its final turn, the forces - good and evil – move into position for the final act . . . all converging at breath-taking speed toward a certain place and certain time -setting the stage for an inexorable collision that will be witnessed by the entire world.  The slightest breeze could bend the arc and dramatically change everything before the curtain falls.

John Hennessey is at the center of this vortex and uses all his blind power and ambition power make sure the forces obey his Leviathan will.  He has never been beaten or bowed and he will make certain that he will, as always, emerge triumphant.

The reader will be swept-up in these raging currents, side-by-side with companions from the long journey that have become a part of life.  Your heart will pound and your breath will be taken in gasps as the stage begins to darken and the end draws near.

It is Armageddon.

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