The Devil's Palm

The Devil's Palm
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In the novel, THE DEVIL'S PALM, A West Virginia sheriff, Terrance Fowlkes, attempts to enrich himself by building an illegal casino on a beautiful piece of countryside owned by old timer, Andy Mehrhaus. Fowlkes and his bogus deputies run a car over Mehrhaus in the middle of the night. With the property in his pocket, Fowlkes attacks the locals who block the construction of his so-called family resort. Blackmail and murder clear the way, but Michael Hanover, a community leader, remains in his path. After Fowlkes thinks he has mortally wounded Hanover, he builds the casino. Fowlkes succumbs to the curse of the Devil's Palm at the resort's Christmas Eve grand opening. This volume is 270 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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