The Hidden Legacy of World War II

The Hidden Legacy of World War II
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Carol Schultz Vento recounts the post-World War II years of her famous father "Dutch" Schultz.

"Carol Schultz Vento's testimonial and others like it do not diminish the wartime generation's accomplishments but suggest that the price they paid was far higher, the toll extracted from them and their families far greater, and their struggles far more protracted than the glossy tributes to the 'Greatest Generation' would have us believe. It in is the end a cautionary tale, reminding us that if as a last resort we send soldiers into harm's way, we should be under no illusions about war's colossal human costs, remembering that even in the most brilliant triumphs there is heartbreak and that the suffering does not stop when the shooting does."  --- Thomas Childers Daughters, fathers and war - three words seldom used together.

In "The Hidden Legacy of World War II: A Daughter's Journey", Carol Schultz Vento weaves life with her paratrooper father into the larger narrative of World War II and the homecoming of the Greatest Generation. The book describes the seldom told story of how the war trauma of World War II impacted one family. This personal story is combined with the author's thorough research and investigation of the reality for those World War II veterans who could not forget the horrors of war. This nonfiction work fills in the missing pieces of the commonly accepted societal view of World War II veterans as stoic and unwavering, a true but incomplete portrait of that generation of warrior. About the author: Carol Schultz Vento is a former Political Science professor and attorney. She is a graduate of Temple University and Rutgers University School of Law. She is the daughter of 82nd Airborne World War II veteran Arthur "Dutch" Schultz. Carol is a native of Philadelphia and lives in Palmyra, New Jersey.

This volume is 190 pages with bw photos.

Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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