The Journalist

A Holocaust Story

Death was lurking in every corner, an ever-present reality to be reckoned with daily.

The Journalist, a story unlike any other Holocaust memoir, not only depicts life in a concentration camp, but also the death marches, a bold escape, the days of wandering in the forest dodging Nazi troops, the unceasing pangs of hunger that were finally satiated, the years of searching and longing to live in a free country. This is a book you cannot put down because it draws you into the life of the journalist and compels you to keep reading to find out the outcome of his fate. Will he live to fulfill his destiny or will his life be cut short because the chances of his surviving seemed impossible?

The Journalist is not just a book about how one man survived the Holocaust, but also the principles he practiced that eventually allowed him to triumph in the midst of overwhelming odds. This fast-paced true story leaves the reader breathless and astonished at the tenacity and resolve of the journalist to forge ahead when others gave up the struggle. There are many people out there who are facing challenging situations, and they need to have hope to believe that as they practice the same principles that the journalist practiced, they, too, will be able to triumph, for truly the human spirit is indomitable and can overcome any obstacle. The end result: hope that eventually produces victory over our circumstances.

About the Authors:

Oxana was born in New York, New York the same year her father emigrated to the United States. He brought her up to respect her heritage and sent her weekly from an early age to learn Ukrainian history and culture. This knowledge has served her well since she was able to work as an interpreter in the ‘90s for various organizations in the Ukraine and Israel.  She has a BA from Queens College and a Masters in Religious Education from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After graduating, she worked in full-time ministry for a season in New York. She has also worked as a teacher and administrator and in various sales positions in the insurance industry. She resides in Florida with her husband of 23 years, Nicolas, who shares her heritage. 

Valentyn was born in Ukraine and grew up under the oppressive policies of the Communist regime. Against this backdrop Valentyn became a freedom-fighter and used the power of the pen to express his anti- Communist views. However, when the Nazis took over he found himself fighting against two fronts. He established himself as one of the leaders of the Ukrainian underground nationalist movement. After being arrested and surviving the holocaust, he emigrated to America in 1950 and continued his work. He became the editor of a publication called, “Mission of Ukraine,”which was a division of the Association for the Liberation of Ukraine, and was also active in a group called, Americans to Free Captive Nations. His passion for freedom never abated even until his death in 1989.

by Oxana Koval Lapchuk & Valentyn Koval
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