The Leviticus Mission

The Leviticus Mission
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Book One of the RV Mysteries Series.

Recently retired homicide detective Hank Moran and his wife Helen have just purchased a new motorhome and are ready to take a two-month tour to see the country. The discovery of a series of murders on their short trial run to Biloxi, Mississippi puts their tour on hold while Hank investigates. The prime suspect is a firebrand tent revival preacher who literally takes God's word for the Old Testament punishment of evildoers. Their adventure takes them, of all places, into a gay men's RV resort for the explosive finale.

by L D Knorr
Trade Paperback - 5.5 x 8.5 x 1
180 Pages
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Fiction / Suspense
Fiction / Mystery & Detective


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