The Osiris Contingency

The Osiris Contingency
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Within London of the future, there are no limits to genetic engineering. Altered humans, known as mods, rule the underbelly of the city, while the Libertas Party maintains its stranglehold on the government and its people. Wielding a sinister Agency of genetically modified assassins, Libertas will stop at nothing to keep order - and silence those who would threaten the Party’s power. 

This includes Liane, an Agent gone rogue and on the run from her former masters. Having barely survived the last attack by the Agency and still grappling with the truths she learned about the Titan Strain, Liane vows to destroy those who turned her into an inhuman killer. But that means outsmarting and outrunning Damian, her former Handler, who wants his Agent back at any cost. 

Liane isn’t the only one fighting against the Agency, however, and soon she is drawn into a secret war brewing between assassins and mods. Led by a man who knows far more about the Agency than he lets on, the mods are determined to fight back against Libertas and reclaim the city. 

When Damian draws the all-powerful Prime Minister into the hunt for Liane, the stakes become even more deadly. As the Osiris Contingency threatens ruin for them all, Liane will find herself faced with an impossible choice between freedom and survival.

About the Author: 

Virginia Soenksen is an art historian, and also writes about Japanese textiles. Having lived and worked all over the world, she now resides in the Shenandoah Valley where she is an associate director of a museum. This is her first novel.   #TheTitanStrain

by Virginia Soenksen
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
274 Pages
FICTION / Science Fiction / Genetic Engineering
FICTION / Science Fiction / Cyberpunk
FICTION / Dystopian
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