Voice of the Red Dragonfly

Voice of the Red Dragonfly
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A Spiritual Story

Ruby Jacobs is a modern day, urban professional, living in the heart of Toronto, Canada with roots in the rural east coast and a yearning for true profound love. When her latest lover betrays her, Ruby begins to not only wrestle with her choice of men but all of her pragmatic ideologies, as she jealously helps to plan her whimsical, younger sister’s wedding. How does a simple ‘go-with-the-flow’ and ‘live life’ mantra warrant her sister so much success in life anyway?

Back home, in rural Nova Scotia, Ruby meets Malachi Caval, a potential love interest who is gifted with a connection to the spirit world. Ruby is mesmerized by Malachi’s sincerity, not to mention his rugged good looks, and listens to his sage advice out of sheer politeness, but it’s not too long before Malachi’s unnerving description of her great grandfather’s ghost solidifies the possibility of something greater—perhaps even guiding her.While Malachi helps Ruby adapt to her changing reality, Ruby breathes new life into the mundane, sparking a passion he never dreamed possible. But, emotional turbulence escalates as signs and synchronicities from the universe intensify.

Ruby continues to venture through a spectrum of spiritual awakening, as shocking revelations about her own true essence and place in the world emerge. An exposé of mind, body and spirit unfold in a time that logic rivals with our intuition and fear causes us complacency. VOICE OF THE RED DRAGONFLY is a heart-warming, mixture of love, magic, and awareness for what’s possible.


Jennifer Charlinski grew up in small-town Ontario Canada, with family on the east coast, where being close to nature and its abundance sparked a lifelong love for the holistic arts. After studying literature at The University of Western Ontario, Charlinski set out to teach English as a Second Language, and studied energetic medicine, before pursuing her career in writing. Voice of the Red Dragonfly is her debut novel, and a work consistent with all of her passions —wellness, teaching, and creative expression. Charlinski now lives in Toronto with her husband, youngest son, and two grown children close by.

by Jennifer Charlinski
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
284 Pages
FICTION / Visionary & Metaphysical
FICTION / Romance / General
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