Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs

Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs
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The Wilder Voyages - Book 1

For a group of kids stranded, surviving in space is difficult. But when the nearest habital planet is crawling with ginormous insects, it may be impossible. 

Space has always been home to Jake and Ashley Wilder.  They live with their parents and other crewmembers on a space station.  Their mission: to terraform the planet below.  Until an emergency alarm sounds.  Just before their space-station home explodes, Jake, Ashley, and three other “spacelings” jettison in an escape pod, hoping their parents escaped in time.  

They voyage to Santaro–a habitable planet populated with human colonists, and no deadly predators, or so the pod’s computer tells them.  But where is everyone?  Who demolished the lab?  And why did that space shuttle-sized dragonfly just swoop in and chomp down on that enormous butterfly? 

Wait . . . what? 

They soon discover that normally small, non-lethal creatures have grown to gigantic proportions.  The planet is literally crawling with giant ants, spiders, scorpions, and—you guessed it—lots of other ginormous insects and arachnids.  They’re creepy.  They’re deadly.  And they’re hungry. 

Will Jake, Ashley, and their podmates find a way to save themselves from becoming a bug’s lunch?  Will they be able to blast off Santaro and find their parents? Only if they can survive their Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs. Read it today!

About the Author:  

Will Falconer is a writer, a teacher, a film aficionado, and a book lover (or maybe bookaholic is more accurate). He’s also a husband, a father, a dog person, and a dilettante in a variety of areas. Will grew up in Western New York but moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. After working in the music industry and in film and video production, he attended Los Angeles Valley College, where he spent most of his time writing for the college newspaper and shooting various student-film projects, one of which won an award for best film of the year. In an Oriental Philosophies class at LAVC, Will met his dream girl and was smart enough to marry her. They moved to Massachusetts where they both attended UMass, Amherst. Will graduated with a B.A. in English and a Master’s in Education. He has taught film, English, and writing for several years. His screenplay Film School (co-written with his film-school friend Erik C. Andersen) was nominated for Best Screenplay at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival. Will and his family currently reside in Southern California. Voyage to the Planet of the Giant Bugs is his first novel. You can learn more about the author at

by Will Falconer
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
192 Pages
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Science Fiction / General
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera
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