When the Numbers Don't Add Up

Pasha Stern, a successful accountant with an uncanny talent for forensics uncovers a multi-million-dollar international crime during a routine corporate audit. Trained in computer programming, Pasha uses her creative skills to identify errors in the minutia of spreadsheet data glossed over by Teken, Inc.’s previous auditors.

Shocking discoveries bring her face to face with a disparate cast of suspects and prompts a working relationship with the FBI. Newly-minted temporary Special Agent Pasha Stern steps into the world of terrorists, extremists, and traitors. She is forced to confront her ex-hippie disdain for all things violent when her survival is at stake and she must decide to use a gun or die debating the pros and cons. After a lifetime of rejecting her Jewish lineage, she must now decide how much she will risk helping Israel.

Although Pasha is smart, she’s also naïve. At a mere 5’3”, Pasha is mentally and physically tough as nails. But her naïveté makes us laugh and her ability to love deeply breaks our hearts all at the same time.

Young at heart, single and prone to mixing business with pleasure Pasha creates danger she’s not prepared for. Although savvy in all matters of finance, men are her Achilles heel, and Pasha’s easily swayed by attractive men with power.

This story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride up and down the west coast of California, across the globe to Israel and back again where she discovers her taste for the thrill of the chase.


Patty Bialak is a retired CPA who specialized in forensic accounting. Much of her free time is spent traveling the world and making new friends wherever she goes. After ten years traveling solo in a forty-foot luxury motor coach, she settled in the California desert with her two cats, teaching yoga and singing in her synagogue choir.

by Patty Bialak
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
250 Pages
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / International Crime & Mystery
FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths
FICTION / Jewish
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