Whisper Music

The Morrigan Canticles -- Book 1

What if the Virgin Mary was bitten by a vampire? Danyaela Morrigan is an ex-Catholic, ex-college student, and ex-human, furious at the God who allowed her to be turned into a demoness. In the mountain town of Medjugorje, where the Blessed Virgin is rumored to appear, Danyaela seeks to share her eternal curse with the Mother of God. In the bitter, destructive battle that follows, she becomes afflicted with the power to enter the spirit world and touch the soul of every human being at will. 

On Christmas Day, two Boston cops unwittingly find the body of a man who used to hunt vampires. Following the twisted trail, Detectives Blake and McArdle uncover the disappearance of a girl called Danyaela—and the woman known as Lady Claudia, who turned her. As they track the mortal servants of the damned, they draw ever closer to the heart of the Dark Lady’s plan to return from Hell for a virgin birth and a resurrection of her own. 

But the thirsting dead and the hunters from the Vatican are both thrown out of their plans when Danyaela meets Blake and begins to remember ordinary human friendship. Her strange new powers have cracked the ancient detente between the Lord God and the Lord Satan, and the mortal world is becoming the field of all-out battle, as she finds herself questioning her loyalties for the first time in twelve years. When Easter comes, many things will arise from the shadows of death—for good, or for evil.

About the Author:

J.B. Toner studied Literature at Thomas More College and holds a black belt in Ohana Kilohana Kenpo-Jujitsu. He has held many occupations, from altar boy to homeless person, but has always aspired to be a writer. Whisper Music is his first novel. Toner currently lives in Massachusetts and just had his first daughter, Ms. Sonya Magdalena Rose.

by JB Toner
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .6
238 Pages
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