Who, Me?

Who, Me?
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Who, Me?: The Autobiography of Hugh Fox. "What I've finally come to is to simply live inside mystery, the inexplicable, the impossible-to-be-explained, an impossible-to-exist me living inside an impossible-to-exist universe." --Hugh Fox Underground literary legend, Hugh Fox, offers a candid view of Life, his own life, and the interactions of the lives of others who floated in and out of his personal experiential sphere of the universe in his brief yet concise memoir, Who, Me? Fox invites the reader into a life so full--from his mother dressing him up in women's clothing to his father coercing him into medical school; his search for belonging in the "families" of academia, publishing, beatniks and hipsters, Latin America, transsexuals, Judaism, and his own progeny; and the seemingly-glamorous whirlwind world of the arts and culture--that it leaves little else to be desired. Originally from Chicago, Fox studied culture intensely and traveled widely becoming thoroughly Latinized by early adulthood. Much of Fox's life was shaped by his international interests--from his publishing and academic careers to his personal tastes and selection in women--which factored largely into his career successes and personal adventures. Never one to be content with the average or mundane, Fox keeps the pace moving with one exciting revelation or humorously self-interested remark after another. The picture of self-awareness-and-actualization?--Fox's question of Who, Me? has not so much to do with the author/poet/scholar he's become as it does with how he evolved into this multifaceted character of his own creation. This is 276 pages. Format - softcover - perfect binding. 5.5 x 8.5

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