Why vs What

Why vs What
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One Man's Spiritual Journey Through Tragedy by Embracing God's Plan

The disciples asked Jesus about the blind man. i.e. “who sinned, this man or his parents, thus resulting in him being born blind?” Jesus never answers the question other than to make it clear that neither party was the cause of the blindness. However, Jesus does quickly move to the “What” question, i.e. “the works of God might be displayed.”

Why vs What, is filled with “Why” questions that have touched my life and the lives of family members and friends. Time and time again, we are faced with the challenge of getting off the human focus of “Why”, when tragedy occurs, and getting onto the divine focus on “What” does God want to accomplish.

When Jesus was on earth, God demonstrated His powerful miracles through Jesus. When Jesus returned to heaven, God provided those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Savior, with power in the form of the Holy Spirit residing inside us. Through this book you will see how God accomplishes the ”What” parts of His plans through His children. You will also see how even devoted Christians need to be pushed, prodded, and challenged, at times, in order to accomplish “What” God needs to accomplish through us!


Author Ron Reitz holds a degree in Secondary Education Mathematics, a Stonier Graduate School of Banking Degree, an Associate Management Degree, and Certified Lay Minister (CLM) credentials from the United Methodist Church.

These educational experiences, along with 40+ years of experience in the Human Resources Management, Consulting, and Lay Ministry fields, have enabled him to effectively interact with a variety of people. Ron’s approach as he interacts and shares the Gospel is to plant “seeds” of truth into their minds and then waits for watering and harvesting instructions.

By staying in close contact with God through prayer and Bible reading, Ron continues to receive direction from God. This enables him to stay connected with God as He helps people get off the “why” questions and get on with the “what” questions and seeing how God works!

by Ron Reitz
Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x .5
150 Pages
RELIGION / Christian Living / Death, Grief, Bereavement
RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Memoirs
RELIGION / Christianity / Methodist
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