Winged Manor

Winged Manor
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The idea for this book began in 1995 in Miami, Florida, with a group of paintings and sculpture created for Tall's first exhibition as part of her Masters of Fine Arts graduate program at University of Miami.

Some of the work was inspired by a study of medieval woodcuts and stone carvings, dating from the 11th and 12th centuries. In those times, few people knew how to read books, thus these illustrations were a way of telling stories.

This influence led to a body of work she called "Househeads". This body of work brought to life many of these characters and consists of a world of house-headed people, creatures who are part architectural and part human, and with body or heads made out of buildings.

This book presents selected works from Cheryl Tall since 2000. Sculptures and paintings as well as images of the artist at work and at exhibitions are shown in sequence by year.
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About the Author:  Cheryl Tall (BFA/MFA) is a California artist and educator. Her artwork blends painting, installation, public art, and sculpture in works that challenge the viewer. Reoccurring themes in her work are figure/architecture relationships, social/family relationships and storytelling.

Images of her work have appeared in more than 18 books: Winged Manor, American Art Collector, No More Starving Artists, Ceramics Today, Ceramic Design Book, Surface Design, Making Marks, 500 Figures, 500 Animals, 500 Dolls I and II, 500 Vases, Confrontational Ceramics, Throwing and Handbuilding, The ACGA Book and Sole Purpose, with magazine articles in Studio Potter, Ceramic Monthly, Clay Times, Ceramics Art
and Perception, Pottery Making Illustrated, Sculptural Pursuit, and American Craft.

Tall's art has been influenced by Art Residencies in Canada, Japan, Greece, France, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, England and the US. In 2009, she
exhibited sculpture at the International Celadon Festival, Gangjin, Korea. In 2011, she was awarded an Artist Residency at Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada.
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